Health Education and Promotion

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Performance

The doctoral degree in Human Performance with a specialization in Health prepares students to conduct research and teach courses in the field. In addition to the doctoral dissertation, the degree consists of two courses in education, five courses in statistics and research methods, and eight courses in the Health specialization. (Additional information can be obtained under the graduate program link of the departmental web page.
Ph.D. Health Specialization Course Offerings
A total of 23 hours of coursework and independent research is to be selected in consultation with the graduate advisor.
(This is a draft subject to change)
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
PHED 7010 Analysis and Criticism of Professional Literature
HHP 7060 Fieldwork or Laboratory Experiment in Physical Education
HHP 7090 Professional Preparation in Human Performance
HLTH 6850 Methods in Epidemiology
HLTH 7120 Research in Epidemiology
HLTH 6000 Stress Management in Health & Health Promotion
HLTH 6102 Theories of Health Education & Behavior
NFS 6200 Advances in Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins
NFS 6210 Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism
HLTH 6510 The Nation's Health
Program Planning and Evaluation
HLTH 6860 Program Planning for Health Promotion
HHP 6930 Principles and Philosophy of School Health Programs
HHP 6950 Advanced Methods of Community Health Education
HLTH 6970 Advanced Methods in Human Sexuality Education
PSY 6580 Multivariate Data Analysis
PSY 7100 Multicultural & Social Bases for Assessment & Intervention Practices
PSY 7520 Assessment & Treatment of Addictions
SOC 6620 Quantitative Research Methods
SOC 6720 Qualitative Research Methods
BIOL 6350 Biostatistical Analysis
ECON 6400 Economics of Health Care
Physiological and Social Influences on Health
HLTH 6500 Patho-Pharmacology
EXSC 6650 Physiological Bases of Human Performance
PSY 6340 Behavioral Medicine: Theory & Application