Student Medical Insurance

In a recent decision, the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) has determined not to sponsor a health insurance plan for domestic students during the 2014-15 academic year. However, a range of options still exist for students to obtain insurance coverage.

To help students understand and shop for health insurance options, the TBR has made available the following website: This website explains the meaning of various terms, plans, and coverage types. Additionally, the website presents students with multiple plans that comply with the coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including plans offered through the ACA “exchange” (where tax credits may be available to offset the cost of coverage) and plans offered “off exchange” (where tax credits are not available). Students are also made aware of non-ACA compliant plans and the effects of selecting such a plan. Students can view a plan summary/brochure on-line for any plan contained in the website. If a plan is selected, the website permits students to complete the enrollment process on-line. There is also a toll free call center to assist with questions about the insurance coverages offered.

For shopping purposes, select age “21” (in the drop down menu) if you are 21 years old or younger. Be aware that plans with lower monthly premiums may have higher out of pocket rates and more limited choices of doctors and hospitals. Please make sure you understand the terms of your insurance plan.

All students are strongly encouraged to maintain health insurance coverage while in school. Health insurance encourages students to seek earlier intervention for their health issues and provides protection from a potentially overwhelming financial burden which might delay academic achievement goals.

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