Dr. Robert Hunt

Director, Undergraduate Program

E-mail: robert.hunt@mtsu.edu
Phone: (615) 898-5519
Office Location and Mailing Address: Peck Hall Room, 276
MTSU Box 23
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

FIELDS: Antebellum Southern history and the history of a slave society; Civil War and Reconstruction; World War I; War memory

BIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT: I began my career as a Southern historian, examining the relationship between plantation slavery and antebellum social reform (the public school movement). Over the years I have shifted to become an historian of modern war. By this I do not mean just describing and recounting battles, or examining the latest weapons' system. I explore how different societies, through time, have understood war, defined it, prosecuted it, and remembered it. I study the history of war-making, not simply battles and leaders.


American South (summers); Civil War and Reconstruction; First World War; American Military History; Modern War and Film (summers)


Readings Seminars in Nineteenth-Century America


David E. Currey and Robert Hunt, The Tullahoma Campaign:  The 1863 Civil War Struggle for Middle Tennessee (Tennessee Backroads 2013) public history publication

Robert Hunt, The Good Men Who Won the War:  Army of the Cumberland Veterans and Emancipation Memory (University of Alabama Press, 2010)  Winner of the Anne B. and James B. McMillan Prize for best manuscript in Southern History and Culture published by U. of Alabama Press.

Introduction to Marcus B. Toney, The Privations of a Private:  Campaigning with the First Tennessee, CSA, and Life Thereafter (FireAnt, 2005)


Landmarks in American History Grant, “Travellers Rest, Occupied Nashville, and the Civil War and Emancipation in the Upper South”  2009


“Luke Lea Remembers His Attempt to Capture the Kaiser:  a Southern Progressive’s Lingering Memory of the Great War Gone Wrong”  Article in progress to be submitted to a major historical journal.  This work is part of a larger book-length study entitled  Doughboys and Johnny Rebs, which will examine the intersection of World War I memory and Lost Cause memory in Nashville 1919-1945


PhD. University of Missouri-Columbia 1988
MA University of Wyoming 1979
BA History and Political Science, University of Northern Colorado 1974

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