Dr. Dawn McCormack Dr. Dawn McCormack

Associate Professor

E-mail: dawn.mccormack@mtsu.edu
Phone: (615) 494-8603
Office Location and Mailing Address: Peck Hall, Room 224D
MTSU Box 23
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

FIELDS: Ancient and Late Antique Egypt, Ancient Near East, Archaeology, Remote Sensing, GIS

BIOGRAPHY: My expertise is ancient Egypt, and I have an active archaeological project at Abydos. My research focuses on 13th Dynasty kingship and royal mortuary monuments. I have also completed a remote sensing project at the Monastery of St. John the Little in Wadi Natrun and have conducted a survey of sites in the cliffs above Abydos dating from the Pharaonic through Coptic periods.


  • History 1110, World Civilizations I
  • History 3070, Topics in World History: Middle Egyptian I and II
  • History 4410, Classical History
  • History 4560, Ancient Egypt
  • History/Anthropology 4860, Historical Archaeology
  • History 4870, Field Course in Historical Archaeology


  • History 6304, Topics in World History: Ancient Egyptian Religion and Culture in Context
  • History 6555/7555, Archaeology and Public History
  • History 6870/7870, Archaeological Fieldwork for Public Historians


McCormack, Dawn. "Reconstructing Economic and Political Problems from the Remains
of Royal Tombs: Dynasty XIII of Ancient Egypt." Archaeological Review from Cambridge: Archaeology and Economic Crises 26.1 (2011), pp. 37-52.

McCormack, Dawn. "The Significance of Royal Funerary Architecture in the Study of 13th Dynasty Kingship." In The Second Intermediate Period (13th-17th Dynasties), Current Research, Future Prospects, edited by M. Marée, 69-84, pl. 5. Belgium: Peeters Leuven, 2010.

McCormack, Dawn. "Establishing the Legitimacy of Kings in Dynasty XIII." Vol. 1 of Millions of Jubilees: Studies in Honor of David P. Silverman, edited by. Zahi Hawass and Jennifer Houser Wegner, 375-85. Cairo: Conseil Suprême des Antiquités de l'Égyptie, 2010.


American Research Center in Egypt, Antiquities Endowment Fund Student Training Grant, 2011.

MTSU College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Advisor Award, 2010.

Kolb Society Fellow


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2008
B.A.,   University of Pennsylvania, 1997

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