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American Revolution, Environmental History, Frontier History

History 2010 Survey of United States History
History 2010 (H) Survey of United States History I (Honors)
History 2030 Tennessee History
History 4020/5020 The American Revolution
History 4720/5720 Boone & Crockett's America
History 3040 Topics in American Cultural History: The Cult of Nature
History 3050 Topics in Southern Studies: Southern Environmental History
History 3070 Topics in World History: Global Environmental History
History 4640/5640 American Environmental History
History 6010 Historiography
History 6020 Historical Research Methods
History 6120/7120 Seminar on the Era of the American Revolution (graduate)

American frontier, Southern environmental history, public memory.


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"'Then the poor Planter hath Greatly the Disadvantage': Tobacco Inspection Soil Exhaustion, and the Formation of a Planter Elite in York County, Virginia, 1700-1760," Locus: Regional and Local History of the Americas, 2:1 (Spring 1994): 19-34.


"Pioneers and Posterity: Imagining the History of Early Tennessee."

"Conserving the Caney Fork: Nature and Democracy in the Twentieth-Century South."

M.A. University of Kansas, 1991
Ph.D. College of William and Mary, 1998