Dr. David Rowe

 David RoweProfessor

E-mail: dlrowe@mtsu.edu
Phone: (615) 898-2646
Office Location: Peck Hall Room 286
MTSU Box 23
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Web: http://web.me.com/davidlrowe/

American Religion and Research and Writing in History
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History 2010 and 2020: In my survey courses, students do not learn history so much as they learn how to think historically by exploring the past through a variety of resources, especially primary documents, and learning how to use history's database rather than trying to memorize it.
History 2010H and 2020H: Honors students encounter the same approach to learning historical thinking with the addition of a smaller class that encourages and requires in-depth conversation and writing.
History 3010: The Historian's Craft; Students learn and sharpen basic skills required of historians-research, critical thinking, writing-and develop the attitudes and ethics of the historians' craft.
History 3020: Topics in American History, Preachers and Prophets; A maymester course in which we use readings and film to explore how cinematic "literature" reflects and changes the reality of religion as Southerners have lived it out principally in the 20th century.
Honors 4600: Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar: Living the American Dream; Honors students use a variety of materials and disciplines to explore the content, the meaning, and the significance of the American Dream for Americans in general and then apply those lessons to shape and communicate their own American dream using the medium of their choice.
History 4650: Religious Experience in America; This course asks two questions that we explore throughout the semester: how has religion shaped America, and how has America shaped religion?

History 6020: Historical Research Methods; Students learn and improve essential methods of research, focus on improving writing in history, and explore the meaning of the craft for themselves in terms of their vocational objectives.
History 6102: Readings in the 19th Century; Using a variety of readings in the fields of government, society, economics, culture, and global relations, students will explore the theme of change in the 19th century in terms of the theme "from boundlessness to consolidation."
History 6250/7260: Seminar in American Religious History (currently offered through the periodic 6910: Selected Studies in American History course); Explores major themes in the interaction of religious cultures from around the world as they migrate to the United States.

My research field is American religious history examined in the context of American culture. My publications have focused heavily on the history of the Millerite movement and apocalyptic thought in the 19th century. They include several articles and two books, Thunder and Trumpets: The Millerites and Apocalyptic Thought in Upstate New York, 1800-1850 and God's Strange Work: William Miller and the End of the World. Currently I am writing a history of the AAUP at MTSU for the projected volume, Gown in Town: Essays in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Middle Tennessee State University.
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Historic Preservation: Produced National Register nomination forms for the North Maney and the East Main Street Historic Districts; helped create and was a founding member of the Historic Zoning Commission in Murfreesboro. Currently a member of the Design Review Committee of Mufreesboro/Rutherford Main Street.

Society of Universal Dialogue: Advisory Board member of this Turkish organization dedicated to reconciliation among the three Abrahamic faiths.