Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate degree in history comes in two forms: the B.A. in History and the B.A. in History with Teacher Licensure. For the specific requirements for each degree, please see our current online catalog or see catalogs from previous years.

For more detailed information, please contact the department's undergraduate director, Dr. Yuan-ling Chao, at (615) 898-2629, or email yuanling.chao@mtsu.edu. Her office is in Peck Hall Room 265.

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  • Upper Division Form History B.A. (non-Teaching), (rev. fall 2014) Upper-division forms list out on one document all the classes you need to complete your program: general education; classes in the major; the minor; language; electives. You can see your whole degree at a glance and so use the document as a worksheet. Teacher licensure students have a special form. Also, during your junior year you fill out one of these forms formally and turn it in for a graduation check.
  • Upper Division Form History Teacher Licensure  (rev. fall 2014)
  • Geographic Distributions of History Upper Division Courses, The courses in the history major are divided by geographic region: classes in American history; classes in European; classes in Global. Majors are required to complete two classes from each category. The link attached here shows which classes belong in each geographical category.
  • Advising ContractThese two documents show you our expectations of you as a major, and provide you a map through your degree program. In the Degree Progress Checklist you can see where you should at each major point in your undergraduate degree program.
  • Degree Progress Checklist