Holocaust Studies

Registration for Non-Paying Attendees and Participants

This registration form is only for those
who have had conference registration fees waived
and are not purchasing lunches.
No payments can be made via this form.

Conference registration fees are waived for the following groups:

  • International Fellowship Recipients (lunch costs also waived)
  • MTSU faculty and staff (lunch costs not waived)
  • Undergraduate students (lunch costs not waived)

All Conference Presenters and Moderators must register by Friday, September 6, 2013 in order to remain on the conference program.

All general attendees not buying lunches may register via this form until October 15, 2013.  After this date, you will need to register at the conference.

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Parking Permits
Temporary parking permits are available for on-campus parking, though spaces close to the conference building are limited. Permits may be picked up at the registration desk or mailed to registrant’s address above, if your request is received by Friday, September 6, 2013. Those requiring access to handicapped parking spaces whose cars do not have permanent handicapped license plates must bring their handicapped hangtag and display it along with the MTSU parking permit.

I will pick up my parking permit at the conference.
Please mail me a parking permit; I am submitting this request by 9/6/13.
I do not need a parking permit.

Registration Category

International Fellowship Recipient (lunches included)
MTSU Faculty, Students, Staff M#:
Non-MTSU Students

Questions? Please contact Connie Huddleston, Registration Coordinator, at connie.huddleston@mtsu.edu.