Holocaust Studies

MTSU Holocaust Studies Program and Conference Committees

2015 Holocaust Studies Conference Organizers:

Nancy E. Rupprecht, Department of History, Conference Chair

Elyce Rae Helford, Department of English, Associate Chair / Program Chair

Connie Huddleston, College of Liberal Arts, Finance and Administration Chair

Emily Baran, Department of History, Associate Program Chair

Mark Doyle, Department of History, Genocide Studies Chair

Joan Boulware, Department of Elementary and Special Education, Education Programming Chair


MTSU Holocaust Studies Program/Conference Committee:

Nancy Rupprecht, History, Chair
Emily B. Baran, History
Larry Burris, Journalism
Janet Belsky, Psychology
Ron Bombardi, Philosophy
Joan Boulware, Education
Cathy Crabtree, History
Charlie Dahan, Mass Comm
Mark Doyle, History
Derek Frisby, History
Elyce Rae Helford, English
Andrei Korobkov, Political Science
Gina Logue, News and Media Relations
Paul Lubotina, History
Aliou Ly, History
Michael Strickland, Foreign Languages and Literatures