Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation (WC) is a benefit to all employees who have had a work related injury/illness.

Any employee who suffers an injury/illness within the scope of his/her employment is eligible to file a worker's compensation claim.

Employees covered under workers compensation include: Full-time regular employees, part-time regular employees, hourly workers, student workers, graduate assistants, and adjunct faculty.

In the event an employee is injured at work the following steps should be followed:

  1. Contact the supervisor to report the injury immediately and complete an Accident Report form in the HRS office. If the supervisor is unavailable, contact a departmental supervisor or the HRS office.

  2. A report should be filed even though the injury/illness seems to be minor in nature and may not require immediate attention.

  3. The HRS office should be notified within three (3) working days of the injury/illness. Any delay in notification could result in claims denial. The statute of limitations for reporting an injury/illness is 30 days. The statute of limitations for filing a claim that has been reported in one year from the date of the injury/illness.

  4. If medical treatment is needed, employees should contact Sedgwick James of Tennessee at 1-800-526-2305 and follow the instructions given. Employees may also contact the HRS office at extension 2929. Employees must choose a physician from the providers who are enrolled in the worker's compensation network. Failure to use network providers and follow proper procedures will result in claims denial and the employee will be responsible for his/her medical bills. In addition, any other type of benefits (lost time pay, disability, etc.) will not be considered. For more information and a network directory click here .

For additional information, please contact the HRS office at extension 2929.