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How do I obtain an employment application?
Access the MTSU Jobs online Employment Application:

Can I also send my resume?
Yes, you may attach/upload documents such as a cover letter, resume, CV, etc. after you apply to a specific position in the MTSU Jobs online system.

What is the application procedure?
Access the MTSU online Career Site at:

New Users select Search Postings to view current job openings. to apply for a job, select Create Application and follow the directions. Returning Users click log in and enter your user name and password to edit your existing application, apply to new jobs without reentering your application information and review of the status of positions you have applied to.

Where do I send it? Can I fax or mail it?
No, the MTSU online Jobs Application process is a computer based system that eliminates the need for mail or fax. The MTSU online Jobs Application is not complete until you respond to all required questions, confirm all edits to save the application, respond to supplemental questions (if applicable) and receive a confirmation number that your application has been successfully submitted.

Who can I call if I have any questions about my application?
You may access your application and check the status of jobs you have applied to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a computer with Internet access at . You may call the Employment Office at (615) 898-2928 if you have further questions. If you do not have Internet access to a computer, the Employment Office will assist you at the Sam H. Ingram Building, 2nd floor.

Do I have to take a test? Where?
Some classified positions require testing. Review the position job posting for required test. Testing is free to the applicant and appointments are strongly encouraged.

  • Wood Personnel
  • 1806 Memorial Blvd., Suite E
  • Murfreesboro, TN 37130
  • Phone: (615) 890-8400

Can I retest? How often?
Yes, with an appointment at Wood Personnel, once each day until the filing deadline. The highest test scores are retained.

What do I do if I want to apply for another position?
Access the MTSU Jobs online Employment website at . Select Search Postings, review available positions and select the new position for which you wish to apply.

How long is my application active?
The application is retained in a secure database until you remove it.

How long is it before I hear about a position that I applied to?
Usually 2-6 weeks before the interview process begins.

Are candidates notified if they are not selected for a position?
Candidates may check the status of any position they have applied to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at .

Can I apply for any position, even if it is not announced?
No. You may only apply for jobs listed in the Search Postings section of the MTSU Jobs online program.

Payroll Services

When do student employees get paid?
Student employees are paid on the last work day of every month.

Where do I pick up my check or direct deposit slip?
If you currently have direct deposit your notification will be sent to your e-mail address. Your notification will be accessible only from a link within the e-mail address to you, and will be protected for viewing by a password. You will receive instructions in your E-mail notification each pay period. If you do not have an e-mail account your direct deposit notification will continue to be sent to your department for distribution.

Student or hourly/part-time employees that do not have direct deposit will pick their check up from the Business Office windows in the Student Services & Admissions Center, Room 290.

When is my direct deposit put into my account?
The direct deposit will be in your account on payday. Check with your bank regarding their policy.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?
You can pick up a direct deposit form from Human Resource Services, Sam H. Ingram Building, room 204, or print one off from the website and mail it in. Click here for direct deposit information and the form: I want Direct Deposit!

How much tax will be withheld out of my paycheck?
The more exemptions you claim on your W-4, the lower the amount of taxes taken out of your check. "Single" status is always taxed higher than "married" status. The tax rate for FICA is 6.2% on the first $106,800 of earnings for 2010. The Medicare tax rate is 1.45% and all wages are subject to medicare tax. Federal withholding taxes are based on the IRS tax tables, the individual's W-4, and earnings. Longevity, extra compensation, and summer school are taxed at 25% for federal income tax. We have created a tax calculation page for you to try different variations on your W-4. Click here to go to the Tax Calculation page: Calculate my Taxes!

I'm a student, why are no taxes being taken out of my check?
All students who are enrolled in six (6) or more undergraduate credit hours or five (5) or more graduate credit hours qualify for exemption from FICA tax. Federal income tax is based on exemptions claimed and whether you chose "single" or "married" status on your W-4.We have created a tax calculation page for you to try different variations on your W-4. Click here to go to the Tax Calculation page: Calculate my Taxes!

Why didn't I get my W-2?
You must change your address with Human Resource Services before the 20th of January for your W-2 for the past year to be printed with the correct address. Also, W-2's are not forwarded, they are returned to HRS if the address is incorrect.

How do I get another W-2 if I lost mine or didn't get it because I moved?
Contact Kim Taylor in Human Resource Services: Email or call (615) 898-2929 or go to Replacement W-2 on this web site for other printing instructions.

Sick Leave Bank

I am going to be out on sick leave for an extended time and do not have enough leave to cover it. How do I get time from the Sick Leave Bank?
If you have been a member of the Sick Leave Bank for at least 30 days, and have documentation of continuing disability, and have used all sick, annual and banked comp time available to you, you are eligible to apply to the Sick Leave Bank. Applications may be picked up in the Human Resource Services Office or downloaded from the HRS Forms web site. You will need to return the completed application, a physician's statement (on his letterhead), and a brief statement about your leave usage, to either Susan or Lisa. Your request will be presented to the respective Trustees and you will be notified of their decision. For additional information, please call the HRS Office at 615-898-2929.

How may I donate sick leave to another employee that does not have enough leave to pay them until they return to work?
If you are willing to donate a minimum of five (5) days and currently have a minimum of twenty (20) days you may donate leave to an employee in need. However the recipient must be a member of the Sick Leave Bank. They should have had all requests considered by the Trustees and have proper documentation of continuing disability. If these criteria have been met, you may apply for Transfer of Leave. The applications may be picked up in the Human Resource Services Office or downloaded from the HRS Forms web site. Once approved by the Human Resource Officer, your leave will be assessed and added to the recipient's leave.

How can I become a member of the Sick Leave Bank?
The bank is open to any benefited full-time and regular part-time employees. You will be asked to donate the equivalent of two (2) non-refundable days from your personal accumulated sick leave to the Sick Leave Bank. Open enrollment to join the Faculty and Non-Faculty Sick Leave Banks is held during the month of October each year. This is the only opportunity to join the Sick Leave Bank.

What if the Sick Leave Bank runs out of sick leave to donate?
In the event that the Sick Leave Bank reaches a critically low level, the members would be asked donate additional hours from their personal sick leave.

Who approves sick leave request from the Sick Leave Bank?
The Bank is administered by five (5) trustees appointed by the president of MTSU. The Trustees meet each month and consider all applications for sick leave.

Payroll Forms Processing

What does an international student have to have in order to work on campus?
Before a department can hire an international student, the student must have a work authorization letter from the International Student Services Office. If the student has this letter, the paperwork to hire them is the same as any other student.

I have a student worker who would like to work for us over the summer. This student will not be taking classes this summer. Do I hire them as a student or as an hourly?
If you are reasonably sure that they will be returning in the fall to take classes, then set them up as a student for the summer.

Is there a limit to the number of hours a student can work?
The number of hours a student works each week is determined by the department. Students will be paid time and a half for hours worked over 40 during a work week.

When I am hiring a student and/or hourly, how can I tell if I need to have them fill out an I-9?
In Banner HR, go to PEAEMPL. Click on the United States Regulatory tab and look at the I-9 expiration date.

What type of payroll form is used to pay employees?
Refer to the Form Completion Instructions for the type of payroll forms needed to pay and/or terminate an employee.

Who signs the payroll forms?
The Form Completion Instructions includes who must sign the various payroll forms.


How do I change doctors and/or dentists?
For HMO healthcare providers, employees should call the customer service department of their healthcare plan. If the employee calls before the 15th of the month, the new doctor will be effective on the 1st of the following month. For pre-paid dental plans, the employee should call Denticare's 1-800 number. The effective date on the new dentist will be the first of the month following a 30-day notice.

When will my health insurance coverage be effective?
Health insurance coverage is effective the 1st of the month after you have been employed one full calendar month. You must be actively at work on the day your coverage is scheduled to begin.

How do I add a dependent?
By completing an Add/Change Enrollment form within 60 days of the date a dependent is acquired. The "acquire date" is the date of birth, marriage, or, in case of adoption, the date the child enters the home. The Add/Change forms are available in the HRS office.

How long can my dependents be covered?
Unmarried dependent children are eligible for coverage through the last day of the month of their 24th birthday. Dependent children between the ages of 19 and 24 must be claimed on the employees income tax or be a full-time student. Proof of a dependent's eligibility may be required.

Can I change my health insurance coverage?
Each year between October 15th and November 15th, the annual enrollment/transfer period is held. Employees have the option to transfer between health plans. The effective date for the change is January 1.

If I leave MTSU, when will my insurance terminate?
Your insurance coverage will terminate the end of the month following your final paycheck.

How do I get a new ID card for my health/dental plan?
Employees may call their health plan provider or dental provider for replacement cards. Anytime a change is made new ID cards are issued by the health plan provider.

How do I file an insurance claim?
Health insurance claims can be submitted directly to the health plan provider. Blue Cross Blue Shield claim forms are available in the Human Resource Services office. An HMO participant should not have to file claim forms. However, if a claim needs to be filed, the employee should mail an itemized bill with a memo of explanation directly to the HMO plan.

If I am hurt on the job, what should I do?
Notify your supervisor immediately. If your supervisor is not available, contact a departmental supervisor. The HRS office should be notified within three working days of the injury/illness and the employee should complete an Accident Report.

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