Payroll Processing > Helpful Hints for Completing Green Timesheets

1. Check the following information already printed on the time sheet for accuracy:

  • Social Security Number

  • Name

  • Rate of pay (this is your annual salary divided by 12 months)

  • Leave balances (should correspond with your previous month's check stub).

2. Your regular workweek runs from 12:01 am Saturday through midnight on Friday. Custodial and Facilities Services may have a workweek that runs from

12:01 am Monday through midnight on Sunday.

3. The calendar in the lower left-hand side of your time sheet is where you will record your hours worked during the week. Mark at the top of the calendar the days of the week. Cross out with an X your regular days off, unless you work any of those days.

4. Complete the calendar with the total hours you have worked per day including any overtime hours. Do this daily or weekly. Also if a holiday occurs during the month, mark that day with an H.

5. If you work a partial day and use Annual or Sick Leave in the same day, mark the total number of hours worked in the calendar section. If you took a whole day just put an A for Annual Leave or an S for Sick Leave on the calendar for that particular day. Next, move over to the bubble area of your time sheet and grid in the hours that you took off on the correct day. Annual Leave and Sick Leave must be bubbled in separate Time Reporting Categories. DO NOT COMBINE ANNUAL AND SICK LEAVE. You will use code 170 for Annual Leave and code 180 for Sick Leave in the Time Reporting Category. The codes are listed on the back of your time sheet. You will use the same procedure when recording Bereavement Leave, Military Leave, Comp Time Used, and Jury Duty. Your supervisor should have information Concerning these categories. This information is also in your Employee Handbook. At the end of the month add up all leave taken per category and report it in the Total Hours section next to the Time Reporting Category. Bubble in all zeros.

6. Overtime Procedures: A new, blank time sheet must be filled out for all overtime. At the top left-hand side of the time sheet, please fill in your check distribution code. This number can be found on your preprinted time sheet. Also fill in your social security number and grid in the corresponding bubbles. Bubble in overtime hours in the right hand side of the time sheet. Any hours worked over 37.5 but less than 40.0 during a week is considered regular overtime. It should be coded as 035 in the Time Reporting Category of the time sheet. Any hours worked over 40.0 in a week is considered premium overtime. It should be coded as 030 in the Time Reporting Category. DO NOT COMBINE REGULAR AND PREMIUM OVERTIME. Regular overtime is paid hour for hour. Premium overtime is paid at time and one half. Any leave taken during the week will not be included in figuring premium overtime. Please refer to the Employee Handbook concerning this important information.

7. If you want your overtime worked banked as Comp Time instead of Pay, report it in empty spaces of the calendar section as 189 = #hrs worked. Remember to consider premium for hours over 40.0 in your calculations.

8. Time worked on a holiday should be reported on the time sheet for overtime as
Time Reporting Category 032 which is .5 overtime. You will also be credited with the equal number of hours in Annual Leave. This is the equivalent of premium overtime.

On the last working day of the month, finish filling out your time sheet. BE SURE TO SIGN THE SHEET ON THE BACK. Turn the sheet in to your timekeeper for a signature and approval. Either you or your timekeeper will send the completed time sheets to Human Resource Services by the due date marked at the top right hand side of the original time sheet. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF YOUR TIME SHEET FOR YOUR FILES.


1. If you receive a telephone call from your supervisor informing you that the
President has declared the University closed because of inclement weather, record ADL for that day in the calendar of the original time sheet.

2. Leave Without Pay - This happens when you take time off but do not have any
Annual, Sick, or Comp time available. In a Leave Without Pay situation, it is
important that HRS be notified immediately. It is your responsibility to let your
supervisor as well as the HRS timekeeper know that you are in a LWOP status.
Remember if you are LWOP the day before or the day after a holiday, you will not be paid for the holiday. The HRS timekeeper has special forms for requesting Leave Without Pay.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY if you have questions concerning anything about your time sheet, or if you just want to check your leave balance please feel free to call Human Resource Services at 898-2929.