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Student Projects

Eight Children Development & Family Studies participated in a unique opportunity, called "Building Bridges", that was offered at the 7th Eden Alternative International Conference, in Nashville. Building Bridges: Bringing Elders & Youth Together Through Story & Understanding is a fun, service learning experience where participants have the opportunity to see aging through new eyes and experience the power of story (legacy) in collaboration with an Elder storyteller. By our definition, an Elder is someone, who by virtue of life experience, is here to teach us how to live. Creating opportunities to learn about and promote a fresh perspective of what Elders and youth have to offer one another is the first step toward creating well-integrated, supportive communities. The Eden Alternative is an international non-profit organization focused on transforming perceptions of aging and quality of life for Elders and their care partners.

CDFS 4720 - Family-Centered Community Building II (FCCB II)
The course is a service-learning course that introduces students to issues and activities in the community.

Spring 2011 "Back Pack" program fundraiser.

Fall 2011 "BackPack" program fundraiser

Spring 2012 Maggie Moo's fundraiser

Spring 2012 Woodland Elementary School fundraiser

Fall 2012 "BackPack" fundraiser

Spring 2014 Reveille Joe's War on Hunger backpack fundraisers

CDFS 4391 / 5391
Aging, Health and Development

Child Development and Family Studies 4391 / 5391 is a fully integrated service-learning course. The purpose of the program is to affect positively the sense of well-being, physical fitness, and health status of older individuals. It also allows students to learn about aging, old age, history, and the different cultures present in our particular environment. AHeAD serves as a catalyst for the integration of various age, racial, and ethnic groups, the University, and the community. Community partners include local senior centers and long-term care facilities. Students may earn three credits per semester as they devote hours to activities and workshops for active and institutionalized elders.

Spring 2013 "Alice in Wonderland Tea Party" at the Community Care of Rutherford County Nursing Home.

Click to see photos of students and seniors from the center.

CDFS 4790 - Family Life Program Development & Evaluation
Sibshops were offered to provide brothers & sisters with an opportunity to learn how others handle situations commonly experienced with having special needs siblings.

Click to see photos from one of the Sibshops.


 Faculty Achievements 

WHET 2014 Woman of Achievement Award presented to Dr. Beth Emery

Dr. Beth Emery co-authored, with Ms. Heather Kettrey, an article published in Violence and Victims . The article is entitled "Teen Magazines as Educational Texts on Dating Violence: The $2.99 Approach" . Click the above link to view the article.


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