Family & Consumer Sciences Education

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The Family and Consumers Sciences Education curriculum is designed to provide a broad background in human sciences with a focus on education. In addition to preparation for a teaching career, the curriculum leads to several roles in a wide range of educational environments.

A major in Family and Consumers Sciences Education offers graduates training to teach families and individuals the skills needed to make decisions manage resources, simplify lifestyles and manage on inflationary economic levels while preserving self determination and dignity. Those who choose to teach at the secondary level qualify for employment in vocationally funded reimbursed programs. Secondary vocational family and consumer sciences programs may be either consumer/homemaking education, which prepares high school students for occupations which center around the general concepts of family and consumer sciences, or occupational family and consumer sciences, which readies them for occupations utilizing the content of human sciences. A concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences Education leads to licensure to teach family and consumer sciences classes in graders 5-12. An endorsement to teach occupational family and consumer sciences may be added to the basic family and consumer science endorsements. Endorsements are offered in Food Production and Management and Early Childhood Care and Services.

With a broad knowledge of human sciences, graduates are qualified to teach in educational settings, but they may also work in business or government agencies where skills in planning, organizing and conveying information are essential. There is an expanding need for educational services in businesses and social organizations. In addition to teaching Family and Consumer Sciences to student s in grades 5-12, graduates often are employed as Extension Agent, Consumer and product specialist, Education coordinator and Family life coordinator To these areas, teachers bring creative abilities in planning, organizing, managing, controlling, informing and interacting with people. Their training to speak well and to manage groups, as well as their development of organizational ability, make teachers attractive candidates for a wide range of employment.

If you would like to be involved in the most important work in society, consider a career family and consumer science education.


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