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Sexual Harrassment

Student to Student Behaviors

Peer harassment can include all of the behaviors listed under " How to Recognize Sexual Harassment" as well as the following:

  • mooning, whereby students expose their buttocks aggressively;
  • exposing one's genitals ;
  • "streaking" - running naked in front of others;
  • shouting obscenities;
  • leaving obscene messages on campus computers;
  • creating a sexually demeaning atmosphere, such as displaying posters and pictures that are sexist or otherwise demeaning to females or males;
  • "spiking" - pulling down someone's pants, shorts, or skirt; or flipping up skirts;
  • teasing females or males about their sexuality, breasts, or genitals;
  • touching and grabbing and such acts could be considered sexual assault;
  • persistent unwanted sexual attention;
  • telling someone what sexual behaviors the speaker would like to engage in with that person;
  • whistling or yelling obscenities at women walking by, or loudly discussing their sexual attributes and rating them; and
  • threatening rape.

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