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Institutional Effectiveness (I.E) Handbook

Institutional Effectiveness Handbook: APPENDIX
A. Institutional Effectiveness Plans - Annual Timeline
B. Review Form for Institutional Effectiveness Plans
C. Instructions for Review Form for Institutional Effectiveness Plans
D. Major Field Testing - Type of Test Used
E. THEC Approved Major Field Tests
F. Establishing a Locally-Developed Major Field Test
G. THEC Approved Accrediting Agencies
H. Five-Year Undergraduate/Graduate Program Review Calendars
I. Schedule of Surveys and Testing Conducted by IEPR
J. The ABC's of Assessmen t

Assessment Schedule

Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning

ERIC Clearinghouse
on Assessment and Evaluation

The ERIC Clearinghouse is an excellent search engine for locating assessment resources.

Internet Resources for Institutional Research
The Association for Institutional Research's guide for internet resources includes links to many useful resources including the Society for College and University Planning and the National Center for Education Statistics.

Assessment Update
The Assessment Update, a bimonthly newsletter published by Jossey-Bass is a good resource for outcomes assessment. The "web corner"; section of the newsletter has numerous citations of web sites. Copies of the newsletter since 1996 are available in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research.