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Stephan FoustHello.  Welcome to the Center for Innovation in Media in the College of Mass Communication at Middle Tennessee State University.

Ours is a changing world, perhaps nowhere quite as obvious as the ways we now receive our news, information, and entertainment content.  A television station isn’t just a television station anymore; nor is a newspaper or a magazine or a radio station just what it was originally intended to be.  Thanks to the internet, each now contains elements of all. We live in a digital age increasingly driven and defined by portable devices that link us together globally. Never has communication been easier and, in contrast, more complex.

We are in the infancy of understanding what all this change means to us—as individuals, as a society, and as a world community. At the student-focused Center for Innovation in Media, we see it as a key element of our mission to investigate how media is consumed, for what purposes, and by whom.  In tandem with professionally experienced MTSU faculty, dedicated students are exploring the boundaries of today’s technologies while developing ever more sophisticated approaches to multi-platform communication and the sharing of that knowledge in all directions.

The Center for Innovation in Media is:

*WMOT-89.5 FM, the Middle Tennessee public radio station featuring classical, jazz, Americana, news, talk, and MTSU sports

*WMTS-88.3 FM, the student-operated alternative radio station featuring music, sports, talk, and news

*Sidelines, the weekly print student-run college newspaper

*, the up-to-the-minute multi-platform online version of the newspaper

*MT10, the student-run television station featuring both daily news and original programming produced in a state-of-the-art robotic studio

*Match Records, the student-managed record label

Calling the same technologically advanced facility home, student volunteers work together, sharing ideas and resources to create diverse digital content.  College of Mass Communication professors offer advice, expertise, and ethical perspective. Related classes are conducted in a “smart” master classroom.

Ultimately, the Center for Innovation in Media is a gateway to a professional career in media for graduating students.  Having acquired the understanding and skills needed to work in a multi-platform environment, MTSU students are positioned for success.

Please, find out for yourself.  Take a journey through our websites. Personally visit us in the College of Mass Communication on the Middle Tennessee State University campus.  We believe you’ll like what you see.  We invite you to become part of it.

Stephan Foust

Director, The Center for Innovation in Media


News & Events 

Mass Comments: Justin Reed turns college radio up a notch
WMTS DJ Justin Reed goes above and beyond with his radio program, "The Justin Reed Show".

Mass Comments: Behind the Glass in Bragg
The large, reflective glass doors on the first floor of the Mass Communication Building mark the entrance to a pioneering space designed as an outlet for student media and state-of-the-art instruction. It's MTSU's new Center for Innovation in Media.

HUNTER: Next media star could be just around the corner
For a long time, Middle Tennessee State University has been known for having one of the best electronic mass communication programs in the nation.

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