Instructional Technology Conference

Converting Word to ASCII

Instructions for converting a Microsoft Word document to ASCII (text-only) format
  1. Open the Microsoft Word application.
  2. Select "File/Open" and select the Microsoft Word (doc) document that needs to be converted.
  3. Select "File/Save As" from the menu bar. Note the "Save As Type" pull down menu at the bottom of the "Save As" window.
  4. Click the "Save As Type" down arrow to bring up a list of file types supported by Microsoft Word. Scroll through the entire list and select "Text-Only."
  5. Rename the file or change the file location as needed. Click the "Save" button to complete the conversion.
  6. If charts, tables, clip art, or photographs need to be included with the proposal, be sure to explain the location where they need to be positioned in the document and submit them separately in either JPEG or GIF formats.