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Instructional Technology Conference 2009

Title: Confessions of an IT Poser: Tools, Tricks and Tips to Help Achieve Your Distance Education Goals

Name: Jessica Daniels

Audience: Faculty, deans, librarians, instructional technology specialists, general

Audience Level: All

Length: 1 Hour

Abstract: Helping faculty, staff, and students troubleshoot their Distance Education woes is an everyday occurrence for this once non-technical, English major. Share in a layman's discussion of helpful open-source communication and collaboration solutions you can use to assist faculty in delivering and students in receiving a high-quality distance education experience.

Description: As new theories, methods, and technologies continuously transform the horizon of distance education, the basic needs of students and faculty remain constant. This presentation will highlight the issues encountered by both faculty and students involved in distance education, such as communication, delivery of content, collaboration, sharing materials, and evaluation. This presentation will discuss some new, basic trends in education and the new technologies that can help us solve old problems. Tips on how to keep up with new trends in technology that can assist your methods of instruction will also be discussed. The emphasis is on cheap (free!) and easy technologies that can be implemented now, just-in-time, even if you don't consider yourself a technical "guru". Other low-cost technologies will be highlighted to give information on bridging the gap of ADA compliance and also incorporating different learning styles. These methods and technologies have been tested, used, and discussed by faculty, staff, and students of the campus and Distance MBA program at Tennessee Tech University. Some technologies to be highlighted in this session are screen capturing programs (for tutorials and troubleshooting), content delivery options, file converters, audio recorders and editors, file collaboration capabilities, and some various uses for Web 2.0 and social networking services. So clear out some room in your toolbox for some handy solutions you might just be able to put to good use!

Session Type: Lecture/Presentation

On-Site Equipment Requirements: Computer, projector, internet connection

Contact Information/Affiliation:
Jessica Daniels
MBA Productions Manager
Tennessee Technological University