Information Technology Division

Faculty/Staff Accounts

Different types of computing accounts are available for MTSU faculty and staff.

Email and PipelineMT (portal) accounts

Regular faculty and staff are automatically provided an email account and a PipelineMT account after their job assignment is set up in the Banner HR system, which is normally after an employment contract has been signed. Adjunct faculty are automatically provided an email account and a PipelineMT account after their home department has completed a signed MTSU Personnel Action Form (PAF) and forwarded the adjunct's information to Academic Affairs for processing.

Faculty will find that an account on PipelineMT provides them important course and student information, enables online grade posting, and facilitates student advising, all available with its RaiderNet option. Whatever your needs, ITD encourages everyone at MTSU to take advantage of all the time-saving, work-enhancing, and communication-expanding possibilities of technology on campus.

Find your PipelineMT/email account username and set up a password. Change passwords frequently for security. If you have problems finding your username or setting up a password, please contact the ITD Help Desk at (615) 898- 5345

Accounts for your class

Faculty needing student accounts for semester-long courses can call ITD at (615) 898-5345 with the course name, number, and session number.

ITD will provide temporary accounts for each student in the class.

Administrative system accounts

Employees with a legitimate business need to access Banner may apply for an account by completing the appropriate form. These application forms are available three ways:
1.) Online
2.) By visiting the Information Technology Division (ITD), Cope Administration Building, Room 003 or the Help Desk outside Room 003
3.) Via fax - contact the ITD Help Desk at 615-898-5345. 

Please remember that the completed application forms must be authorized as follows before being returned to ITD: