Information Technology Division

Faculty Computer & Equipment Loans

ITD maintains laptop computers and projectors for faculty & staff to check-out. Equipment checkout hours are 8 - 4:30, M-F.

Please read ITD's Check-Out Policy. You may also request a reservation online, call or come by the Help Desk in KUC 320 to reserve or check-out the equipment.

Check-out policy

  1. All equipment is loaned for a maximum of five days. At the end of five days, the requester must return the equipment to the Information Technology Division and if needed, it may be checked out for an additional five days providing no one else has re-served it in the meantime.
  2. No equipment is available for permanent check out.
  3. Reservations will be accepted for a maximum of one month in advance and back to back reservations are not allowed.
  4. All equipment must be returned to the Information Technology Division by the requester and cannot be assigned to another person or department.
  5. It is the requestors responsibility to pick up equipment.
  6. No equipment is to leave the campus without the ITD off Campus Use of University Equipment/Movable Property form filled out and approved by the department head.
  7. Equipment is for university use only and personal use is prohibited.
  8. All equipment must be signed for by a full time university employee. (work study and graduate assistants are not considered full time employees)
  9. The department of the requester is responsible for the repair or replacement of equipment that is damaged or lost.
  10. Upon returning the equipment, an Information Technology Division employee will check the condition of the equipment, and sign the Equipment Checkout Form.
  11. If a full time employee signs for equipment for student use, their department will be held responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment should it become damaged or lost. Signing for students should be discouraged due to the low inventory of loan equipment.
  12. No equipment is for sale.
  13. No application software will be installed on check-out computers.

Past due equipment

A memo will be sent to the requester reminding them to return the equipment when it is two days past due. A second memo is sent after five days informing the requester that their department will be billed for the equipment if it is not returned. A copy of this memo is sent to the department head. If the equipment is still not returned, the department will be invoiced at the next billing period.