Academic & Instructional Technology Services

Faculty Instructional Technology Center

ITD's Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC), located in the Telecommunications Building, assists Middle Tennessee State University faculty with the creation of technology-based instructional materials for their courses, including:

Who may use the FITC?

Only faculty may use the FITC. Student assistants working on faculty projects may use the center with written permission from a faculty member. Download the permission form...

Faculty may work on their own, or consult with the FITC staff for hardware and software support services. For more information check out the complete list of policies and procedures.

Equipment and resources

ITD's Faculty Instructional Technology Center houses seven development stations (6 PC and 1 Mac), and is equipped with additional hardware and software to perform all of the services listed above.

You can also access links to free software downloads by clicking here.

To learn more

Orientations are held each semester. Please call to set up an individual or departmental orientation.

If you want to learn more about the FITC, please call us at (615) 904- 8189 or contact us via e-mail at


ITD: Instructional Technology
Telecommunications Building
Room 214
(615) 904- 8189


  • ITD Staff Directory
  • Barbara Draude, Assistant Vice President, ITD: Academic & Instructional Technology Services
    (615) 904- 8383
  • Albert Whittenberg , Director, ITD: Academic & Instructional Technology Services
    (615) 898- 5062
  • Brenda Kerr, Instructional Technology Specialist
    (615) 904- 8191
  • Darryl Leach, Instructional Technology Specialist
    (615) 898- 2140