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ITD: Instructional Technology is a faculty multimedia development center located in room 214 of the MTSU Telecommunications Building (#86 on the campus map).

The center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.-4 p.m.

To make appointments, check for equipment availability, or ask questions, please call (615) 904- 8189. Orientations on the center's equipment and services are offered each semester.

Important information

Who may use ITD: Instructional Technology?

The center is for use by faculty only. Student assistants working on projects for faculty can use the center with written permission from the faculty member.

How much support should I expect from the ITD Instructional Technology staff?

Support will be available if faculty need assistance with hardware and software. Faculty may also work on their own.

Faculty who need assistance should make an appointment, if possible, to assure that staff and hardware are available at the time of their arrival. Faculty are always welcome to drop in and assistance will be provided according to the resources available at that time.

Faculty may sign up for blocks of two hours at a time per machine. (This may be extended if space is available.)

What supplies should the faculty provide?

Consumable media such as diskettes, zip disks, recordable and rewritable CDs, and video cassettes are to be provided by the faculty member.

Project data is the responsibility of individual faculty. Project data may be stored on ITD Instructional Technology hard disks during the course of the project if sufficient resources are available. Faculty need to maintain archives of their data on their own diskettes, tapes, CDs, etc.

How are my instructional technology projects affected by the copyright law?

Converting of copyrighted materials to digital format will follow the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.

More information on copyright can be found at the following sites