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Instructional Technologies Innovation Grant

The Instructional Technologies Development Committee (ITDC) makes funding recommendations to the Information Technology Division (ITD) for two types of projects related to (track 1) the exploration of new technologies  and (track 2) the innovative and effective integration of existing technologies into teaching and learning. Proposals must include an original and thorough description of the project, a statement of the objectives, a discussion of the potential project benefits to be derived by the faculty member(s), students, and the University, an itemized budget, and a total funding request.

Funding is to be awarded to applicants who adequately demonstrate that such funds will be used to make course instruction better and more effective in terms of meeting instructional objectives through the use of technology. Applicants should consult with a member of the ITD Faculty Instructional Technology Center staff prior to submitting a proposal (Call 1.615.904.8189 to make an appointment).

More specifically, proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

The project:

  • Supports the development of innovative technology-based resources for new or existing courses that make an important contribution to teaching/learning; resources that have the potential for being sustainable with wider teaching/learning application will be considered more favorably.
  • Demonstrates creativity,, innovation , or a promising transformation of existing methods by  integrating technology into the teaching/learning environment. The applicant should provide evidence of the level of innovation, be it at the departmental, University, regional, national, and/or discipline levels.
  • Expands and improves instructor/student skills and knowledge related to the use of technology in learning
  • Has the potential for reaching large number of students, offering a more flexible approach to instruction that is better adapted to individual capacities and needs of students
  • Is clearly defined, with goals and objectives that can be met in a timely manner given resources available.
  • Requested funding is clearly detailed and itemized and appropriate to project objectives and activities.

The ITD grant provides funding for summer faculty stipends (up to a maximum of $3000), reassigned time for fall or spring semesters, technical support, student assistants, hardware, software, and/or other resources essential to the project.  The budget must be clearly detailed with justification for each item requested. Funding is limited to the activities described above. Grant funds are designed primarily to foster teaching innovation. They are not designed to supplement departmental budgets for routine instructional activities nor can recurring costs be included. All grant recipients are required to follow MTSU intellectual property, technology, administrative, inventory and fiscal policies. 

Applications will be accepted from full-time tenure / tenure track teaching faculty, faculty groups and/or departments. Multi-disciplinary faculty teams are encouraged. To avoid potential conflict with other committees, applications must clearly reflect technology enhancement and/or development. Funding amounts vary; while funding ranges are not pre-established, large requests are less likely to be funded or may be reduced, if funded.

Proposals are accepted in the fall semester, and again in the spring, dependent on availability of remaining funding. Grant applications must be submitted on the current form, which may be obtained from the ITD-Faculty Instructional Technology Center (Telecommunications Building, Room 214), The Learning, Teaching and Innovative Technologies Center (Walker Library 348), or online at http://www.mtsu.edu/itd/forms_itd.shtml. One printed copy with signature page along with a digital copy in MS Word should be submitted to the ITD-Faculty Instructional Technology Center (Telecommunications Building, Room 214), on or by the deadline date.

The Instructional Technologies Development Committee will review grant applications. Committee decisions are subject to approval by the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO.

Requirements for Completion of Grant

Faculty members receiving an Instructional Technologies Development Grant MUST complete the following activities to fulfill the funded grant obligations. Failure to meet any of the requirements without prior arrangements MAY impact the funding of future grant proposals by the recipient.

  • Consult with a member of the ITD Faculty Instructional Technology Center staff prior to submitting a proposal.
  • Attend a meeting with all current grant recipients and a member of the ITD Faculty Instructional Technology Center staff to share ideas and accomplishments.
  • Meet at least once with an ITD FITC development team to discuss technology needs and plans. Agree to work with the development team as the team deems appropriate throughout the grant process.
  • Submit a final report to the ITDC, department chair, dean of the college and the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO. Email reports are due at the completion of the project or no later than one month after at the end of the grant period. These reports should describe the results of the project and assess its effects and implications. Reports will be published on the Instructional Technology Faculty Showcase web site (http://www.mtsu.edu/facultyshowcase/). Recipients are encouraged to include developed learning objects with their report for posting on the web site.
  • Submit a final financial statement with itemization of expenses and balances making sure all charges have been submitted.
  • Give credit in any resulting presentations or publications as follows: This project was supported by a grant from the Instructional Technology Development Committee, Middle Tennessee State University.
  • Present at the Annual LT&ITC Fall Faculty Fair or Scholars’ Week

In determining grant recipients, priority will be given to those applicants who have not previously received an Instructional Technologies Development Grant. When past grant recipients are considered, priority will be given to those applicants who have not received a grant within the last two years.

Applicants are encouraged to review examples of past reports found on the Faculty-Showcase Web site (http://www.mtsu.edu/facultyshowcase/).

Grant Timeline

The 2014-2015 grant timeline is pending. Information will be posted shortly.