Administrative Information Systems Services

Administrative Information Systems Services Staff

Lisa Rogers - Assistant Vice President for ERP Systems

Lisa is responsible for coordinating support for MTSU's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including but not limited to Banner, PipelineMT, RaiderNet, and other third party products that work in conjunction with the ERP systems.

John Patterson - Director

John is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the department. He consults with and advises users on administrative programming support requests. He monitors, reviews, and assigns work orders in the MTSU electronic work order system, FootPrints.

Jo Ann Batson - Systems Analyst

Jo Ann's main responsibilities include programming/report writing with the use of MS Access using data from student, human resources, and finance systems. This includes creating ad hoc reports for the academic staff, assisting both administrative and academic staff with questions, and conducting MS Access workshops. She also supports for the Post Office system.

Sylvia T. Bergant - Senior Systems Analyst

Sylvia is responsible for the support of Campus Loan Manager, fsaAtlas, PipelineMT technical support, and also provides programming support for other administrative applications.

Charlotte Caruthers - Systems Analyst

Charlotte's primary area of support is MS Access and SQL programming for Ad Hoc Reporting using data from Student, Human Resources, Finance, and Financial Aid Banner Systems. She also conducts MS Access workshops. She also supports the Teacher Licensure's Annual Title IV Enrollees and Completers Reports.

Eve Jones - Senior Systems Analyst

Eve is responsible for technical support dealing mainly with business applications written in Pro*C and PL/SQL, such as Banner Accounts Receivables (AR) and Finance. She provides Finance and AR interface support for the various third party systems across campus.

Phyllis Kitzler - Senior Systems Analyst

Phyllis is responsible for technical support of Banner Human Resources and Workflow, as well as any other Pro*C and PL/SQL,programming and technical assistance as needed.

Glenda Oshop - Senior Systems Analyst

Glenda supports Banner applications, Workflow, and Self-service including WebTailor changes as well as any other Pro*C, PL/SQL, SQL, programming and technical assistance as needed. She also supports PipelineMT, D2L interface, and maintains the Bannerdoc documentation web site.

Mark Powers- Systems Analyst

Mark is responsible for writing ad hoc reports for various departments using the information in the BlueInfo data warehouse. He is jointly responsible for maintaining the General Campus Reports, helping users with General Campus Reports and teaching the workshop Advance Access for BlueInfo. Mark provides support for the CUSTOMS application.

Theresa Stevenson - Senior Systems Analyst

Theresa's primary areas of support are Resource25/Schedule25/X25, Banner Advancement, Banner Student, and Pro*C, PL/SQL, and other programming and technical assistance as needed..

Debbie Warren - Senior Systems Analyst

Debbie's primary areas of support are Banner Student and Pro*C, PL/SQL, and other programming and technical assistance as needed. She is secondary support on BDMS/ApplicationXtender Imaging System and WebTailor component of Banner Student Self-service.