Network Services

External Networks

Starting with a simple 56 kbps connection to the Internet, MTSU's Internet connection has grown to 1.5 Mbps (1996), 3 Mbps (1998), 4.5 Mbps (1999), 7.5 Mbps (2000), 9 Mbps (2000), 16 Mbps (2001), 25 Mbps (2002), 34 Mbps (2003), 45 Mbps (2004), 100 Mbps (2006), and 200 Mbps (2008). The current connection is a Metro Ethernet circuit which allows for greater flexibility in design and monitoring over the previous serial type connections. In addition, the residence halls have a separate 100 Mbps connection.

In 2003, MTSU connected to the research network for Internet2. This high-speed access (45 Mbps) through a sponsored connection with Vanderbilt University allows for rapid transfer of data between research collaborators, allowing for more efficient research operations. The academic and administrative networks have access to Internet2, as data between MTSU and other Internet2 connected institution will use the high speed Internet2 connection automatically, regardless of the data being transferred.

MTSU connects to NetTN, the state network, directly linking all Tennessee Board of Regents universities, colleges, and technology centers as well as state government sites.