Network Services


The campus data network allows ready access throughout the campus to available services, including departmental, campus, statewide, national, and international networks. Campus users connected to the campus data network can access many computing resources all over the world, from supercomputers to web servers to e-mail as well MTSU specific resources including D2L, Pipeline, Webmail, Banner, the academic computing system, library resources, and databases.

The Network Services department consists of the Assistant Vice President for Network and Information Technology Security, Director of Network Services, Information Technology Security Manager, Information Technology Security Specialist Network Support Specialist, and Data Communications Technician. Network Services is responsible for management, upgrades, expansion, security, and maintenance of the campus data network and for proper connection of all LANs, WANs, and nodes, wireless and wired, to the backbone. This responsibility includes coordination of the design, installation, full implementation, and maintenance of the backbone and edge switches and wireless access points as well as management and security of all network resources. Network Services also provides information, training, and consulting on information technology security best practices and methods and proactive network and system monitoring and analysis.

Network Services provides the university user with a high speed connection to computing and network facilities. Services provided include maintaining all equipment from the main network backbone to the individual user interface, assisting with the use of the network, and identifying the source of problems encountered while using the facilities.

ITD's goal is to provide the network resources necessary for the MTSU community to accomplish the mission of the University. Through continued upgrades, monitoring, and security, ITD continues to meet that goal.