Skype for Business: Voice Mail FAQs

How do I set up my voice mail?

Voicemail setup is done through OWA ( Follow the steps below for setting up voice mail:

  1. Sign into OWA and click on the cog next to your name and choose Options. OWA Options
  2. Click on Phone in the left column. On this page you can choose or record your greeting, set notifications, and reset your voicemail pin.

How do I check my voice mail?

Checking voice mail through email:

Voice mail messages will show up in your Exchange mailbox and are directly accessible from there.

UM Preview in Email

Checking voice mail through the Skype for Business client:

Click the phone menu in the toolbar of the Skype for Business client. Voice mail messages appear below the phone dialer. Double click on the person’s name or number and it will open the message in your Outlook window so that you can play the message.

 Visual VM

How do I sign out of Skype for Business?

Click on File, then Sign Out.

SfB Sign Out