Telecommunication Services

Direct Dial Rates from Campus Extensions
(rates subject to change)
Local Calls No Charge
Peak Rate (7:00am to 5:00pm Mon - Fri) $0.139/min
Off-Peak (5:01pm - 6:59am Mon - Fri, Weekends, Holidays) $0.079/min
INTERNATIONAL (please call extension 2991) Rates Vary
Directory Assistance (per call) $1.35/call

Off Campus Directory Assistance
To reach local and long distance directory assistance from a campus phone dial 9-411. This service will allow you to request one or two directory listings with each call. There is a fee for this service. There are many online services that may provide the listing you need at no charge.

Per MTSU Policy No.: IV:04:12, "If personal calls are made, reimbursement by the employee must be made, ...". Employees needing to submit reimbursement for personal calls, should use the Long Distance Reimbursement Form.

How do I report a problem with my phone?

How do I start or change my phone service?