Skype for Business: Exchange Unified Messaging

Exchange Unified Messaging is a free service offered to faculty, staff, and administration. Integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Unified Messaging (UM) automatically routes voice mail messages to email, with a speech-to-text preview of the message, as well as a complete audio attachment of the voice message within email.

Accessing Voice Mail

By default, Exchange Unified Messaging routes voice mail messages to email. To access voice mail over the phone, dial 8648 (UM4U) on campus, or 615-494-8648 (UM4U) from off campus. If calling from your office telephone, the system will automatically log you in to your mailbox for message retrieval. From all other phones, you will be prompted for your mailbox number and PIN. For more information regarding the Exchange Unified Messaging voice menu, see the Exchange Unified Messaging Quick Reference Guide. Users can reset their voice mailbox PIN through Outlook Web Access (OWA). Detailed instructions on how to reset your PIN can be found here.

Avaya: Intuity Audix

Voice mail, which stores telephone messages in a password protected voice mailbox, is a free service offered to faculty, staff, and administration by request. Messages in the mailbox can be retrieved from any touch-tone telephone, including telephones that are off campus. Once messages have been retrieved, they can be saved, deleted, or forwarded to another voice mail user. Messages stored on the voice mail system are purged 10 days from the date of receipt. 

Accessing Voice Mail

Dial 8080 on campus, or 615-904-8080 from off campus. The Audix voice mail system will prompt you with the following: "Please enter your extension and # sign." After entering your extension or mailbox number and the # sign, Audix will prompt you with the following: "Enter your password and # sign." At this point, enter your personal password and the # sign. PLEASE NOTE: THE INITIAL PASSWORD IS # SIGN.