MTSU iTunes University is a way for faculty and staff to post audio, video, or pdf's online for students to download and even load onto their ipods. Any student and faculty can log onto MTSU iTunes U using their Pipeline username and password. You must have iTunes(free download) on your pc or mac in order to access MTSU iTunes U.

Instructors can add this link to their D2L course pages so they don't have to add large media files to their courses. Oh...and the coolest part is that students can subscribe to your iTunes page so they will know when you add new content.

As of April 2008, MTSU iTunes U has expanded to a second site with public access not requiring any login. This new access will allow departments, student organizations, student services, etc. to target media to potential MTSU students. Feel free to contact The Faculty and Instructional Technology Center at ext. 8189 with ideas or questions about implementing this campus technology.