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Older, Wiser Learners (OWLs)

OWLs (Older Wiser Learners) is the student organization for all MTSU adult learners -- students, regardless of age, who have adult responsibilities in addition to their studies. The OWLs provide support, a social network, a service group, and advocacy to make the needs of adult learners more visible and to suggest ways to meet those needs at MTSU. It’s most important function is to connect students with others who face similar experiences and challenges as nontraditional students on campus.

In addition to the many means of support provided by OWLs, the organization also has four scholarships available to its members. Membership is a way to meet other students who share your concerns and interests as an adult learner at MTSU. in OWLs is $20, paid annually. Dues from membership support organization-sponsored events throughout the year.

  • It is a support system for students who might otherwise feel alone on campus. Members genuinely care about each other--whether it is to share feelings of anxiety regarding tests, of frustrations regarding child care, or of elation to celebrate successes.
  • It is an advocacy group that is working to increase the services provided to the adult learners at MTSU such as child care, more scholarship funds available to adult students, evening hours for services and offices, and more classes in the evening and weekends.
  • It is a social organization, sponsoring activities such as theatre and movie outings, receptions, and other get togethers for OWLs members to enhance their campus experience.
  • It is a service organization that has developed a mentor program to match an adult learner who is new at MTSU with a fellow student who has been here a year or two. This mentor helps the new student cope with the first year studies at MTSU.
  • It is an organization where you can contribute whatever amount of time and energy you may have to help yourself better enjoy your experiences at MTSU and to help others too.
  • It is a fun group of people who share your interest in securing an education to improve your life, your career, and your future. Together, we laugh through the hard times and rejoice with each other when we have completed our goals to graduation!

Pinnacle Honor Society

Pinnacle is MTSU's chapter of the national Pinnacle Nontraditional Honor Society for juniors and seniors over the age of 24. Students who earn a 3.0 GPA (undergraduates) or 3.4 GPA (graduate students) qualify for membership. Twice a year eligible students are invited to join Pinnacle and be recognized for their academic achievement. In addition to the GPA requirements Pinnacle looks at previous community service, volunteer work, and honors that the student has earned in life.

Membership in Pinnacle is $50. These lifetime dues are used to support the work of the national Pinnacle Honor Society and sponsor events for members at MTSU. $15 of each membership is contributed to the MTSU Pinnacle scholarship fund for the exclusive benefit of Pinnacle members. Members receive a certificate of recognition, a seal for his or her diploma, and a pin. Honor cords to be worn at graduation are also available for purchase at the June Anderson Center.

Opportunities are available to all members as part of the Pinnacle leadership team, or to be involved at a member level. Pinnacle also works in conjunction with the OWLs student organization to co-sponsor some events during the year.

Women in Action

This organization of female students is committed to raising awareness about the gender issues that affect both sexes. The main objective of this group is to advocate on issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, women's health, and gender issues.