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OWLs Leadership Roles

The Older Wiser Learners' student organization (OWLs) has several positions for leadership that are available to dues-paying members. Nominations for these positions will be gathered and elections will be conducted during the Nontraditional Student Week. We may appoint members to other leadership positions at other times of the year as needed.

If you are interested in one of the leadership positions, please contact the current officers at owls@mtsu.edu or submit the online Leadership Application .

OWLs Leadership Positions

President - oversees the actions of the student organization in all of its aspects: support, advocacy, social, and service. The President also represents the OWLs on various campus wide task forces and committees as needed. The primary function of the President is to advocate for the nontraditional students at MTSU.

Vice-President for Membership - develops ideas to encourage nontraditional students to join the organization and participates in surveys and other means to determine the needs of the adult learners on campus.

Vice-President for Fund Raising - develops fund raising ideas and implements those ideas to increase the ability for OWLs to provide services of support to the members of the organization.

Vice-President for Service - researches possible service projects, selects at least one per semester, and implements that project with the other members.

If you are interested in any of these leadership opportunities and would like to apply for an open position within OWLs, please complete and submit the Leadership Application . Remember that you must be a dues-paying member of OWLs to apply for one of these leadership positions.