• Judicial Affairs & Mediation Services
    A Division of Student Affairs
Traffic Citation Appeals

Student traffic citation appeals are heard by the Court of Traffic Appeals. Please visit the Student Government Association web site for full information.

Appeals may be made by visiting the SGA website, and decisions may be reviewed online as well.


What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party (mediator) facilitates the discussion and identification of issues between the disputants, the development of alternate solutions, and the negotiation of a mutually satisfying outcome to the dispute.

"Training Peer Mediators in the College and University Setting: A Trainer's Guide" by Rick Olshak

Residential Life & Housing Rules

Special Regulations Applicable to All MTSU Apartments

  1. Aid in Maintenance — Students shall assist and cooperate with the University in the care and maintenance of the premises and shall report promptly to the Womack Lane Apartments Office or Scarlett Commons front desk any breakage, damage, or need for repair of the dwelling unit, facilities, or equipment therein. Students shall not adjust or tamper with any mechanical equipment.
  2. Alterations by Students — Students shall make no alterations, changes, repairs, remodeling, or painting of the premises. Students shall use no screws or nails on the premises.
  3. Entry — Students shall permit the duly authorized agent, employee, or representative of the University to enter without notice any part of the dwelling unit during reasonable hours for the purpose of inventory, maintenance inspections, improvements, or repair to any part of such dwelling unit.
  4. Transfer or Subletting Units — Students shall not transfer possession, lease, or sublet the premises nor give accommodations to roomers, boarders, or lodgers, and any attempted assignment or subleasing shall be void without the written consent of the University.
  5. Rubbish, Garbage, and Waste — Students shall deposit garbage, rubbish, and other waste in a manner prescribed by the University and laws and ordinances covering the use of the premises. At no time are garbage bags or cans permitted in breezeways. Examples of other items not permitted in breezeways include but are not limited to boxes, furniture, and appliances.
  6. Responsibilities
    1. The student shall be responsible for the care and preservation of all University-owned movable equipment, furniture, and furnishings provided in the dwelling. Transfer of furniture between apartments or removal from the complex is prohibited.
    2. Each student agrees to pay the University, immediately upon demand, for any and all damages to the premises, including but not limited to damages to exterior or interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, locks, hardware, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, shrubbery, lawn, appliances, fixtures, and furnishings of the unit and its surrounding premises, if such damage is caused by an act or failure to act by the student, guests, or invitees of the student.
  7. Liability for Loss or Damage
    1. The University does not maintain insurance on any personal property of students, and all personal property of students on the premises shall be at the risk of the student. The institution shall not be liable for any damages to or theft of personal property of students in residence units.
    2. The University shall not be liable for any damages or injuries to any student or the occupants of student residence facilities, or to guests or invitees of such students, resulting from any act or failure to act by the student or any other occupant of the premises, or from any lack of repair of the facility or any accident occurring in or about the facility, except as authorized by and allowed pursuant to TCA S9-8IZ.

      Each student who occupies any residence unit agrees to indemnify and hold the institution harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, or causes of action whatsoever, asserted by any person arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the premises by the student.
  8. Inspections — Safety inspections will be conducted on a monthly basis in all apartments according to an announced schedule. Maintenance inspections will be conducted by University personnel during reasonable hours.
  9. Parking — Parking areas within the apartments are reserved for apartment residents. All apartment residents are required to purchase an appropriate parking decal from Parking and Transportation Services. Unauthorized vehicles and/or abandoned or immobile vehicles may be cited and/or removed at the owner’s expense.
  10. Storage — Storage of all household or personal property outside of dwelling units shall be in such manner as prescribed by the University. Students shall not store items in attics, on breezeways, or underneath dwelling units.