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Traffic Citation Appeals

Student traffic citation appeals are heard by the Court of Traffic Appeals. Please visit the Student Government Association web site for full information.

Appeals may be made by visiting the SGA website, and decisions may be reviewed online as well.


What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party (mediator) facilitates the discussion and identification of issues between the disputants, the development of alternate solutions, and the negotiation of a mutually satisfying outcome to the dispute.

"Training Peer Mediators in the College and University Setting: A Trainer's Guide" by Rick Olshak

Residential Life & Housing Rules: Visitation

Visitation Policy

In recognition of various and differing preferences of students regarding the visitation of guests of the opposite gender, each residence hall community is given the opportunity to determine visitation hours within the following guidelines.

  1. Students who wish to reside in a restricted visitation community in which no guests of the opposite gender are allowed at any time may make a request for assignment to a restricted visitation area at the time of their application for housing. Every effort will be made to honor requests for assignment to a restricted visitation area. The restricted visitation status of an area is not subject to change by vote of the residents. Restricted visitation areas may encompass a floor, wing, or individual room, depending on the number of requests received.
  2. Visitation hours in nonrestricted visitation areas will be determined by vote of the residents. Visitation hours may not begin earlier than noon and may not extend beyond midnight on Sundays through Thursdays or 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Opposite gender visitors are required to check in at the front desk or other designated area and must be escorted at all times. Visitors are not to wander in the residence halls nor are they permitted in community restrooms on the floor(s). If escorted at all times by the host, visitors are permitted in TV lounges and study rooms.
  3. Visitation hours will be established at the beginning of the fall semester by a simple majority of residents voting. Visitation hours chosen will be effective through the end of the academic year (spring semester). Visitation hours before the vote will be noon until midnight.
  4. Regardless of the specific visitation hours selected by vote of residents in a particular hall, visitors will be permitted in rooms only with the permission of the other occupants of the room. Interference with another occupant’s privacy, use, and enjoyment of the room will not be allowed.
  5. Visitation hours during summer sessions will be noon until midnight Sundays through Thursdays and noon through 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Where possible, requests for restricted visitation assignments and roommate requests will be honored.
  6. It is the responsibility of all students to be aware of the visitation hours/policy for the hall they are visiting. Failure to comply with the visitation rules may result in disciplinary action.

Visitation Regulations

  1. A register will be maintained at each residence hall front desk that has twenty-four (24) hour staff. Residents having guests of the opposite gender are responsible for seeing that their guests provide identification and sign the register when entering and leaving the hall as directed by residence hall staff.
  2. Each guest must be escorted from the lobby to the room he or she is visiting and from the room back to the lobby by the host or hostess. Visitors are not to wander in the residence halls nor are they permitted in community restrooms on the floor(s). If escorted at all times by the host, guests are permitted in TV lounges and study rooms.
  3. Room checks may be made at any time during visitation by residence hall personnel. Violations of visitation guidelines will be reported to the appropriate area coordinator of the participating hall. Disposition of such cases will be treated in the same manner as other violations of University regulations.
  4. There will be no more than a total of five (5) guests in a room at a given time except in cases where guests are members of the resident’s immediate family.
  5. Residents and guests must be properly attired in apparel suitable for class or street wear.
  6. Any student who violates visitation policies may lose subsequent visitation privileges, as well as incur other disciplinary action.
  7. Visitation regulations apply to all guests regardless of gender.