Mediation Forms

The following mediation forms are available in pdf and Microsoft Word format and require Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word for viewing and printing:

  • Mediation Checklist [ pdf] [ doc]
  • Rules of Mediation [ pdf] [ doc]
  • Mediation Intake Form [ pdf] [ doc]
  • Agreement to Mediate Form [ pdf] [ doc]
  • Mediation Written Agreement Form [ pdf] [ doc]


Traffic Citation Appeals
Student traffic citation appeals are heard by the Court of Traffic Appeals. Please visit the Student Government Association web site for full information.

Appeals may be made by visiting the SGA website, and decisions may be reviewed online as well.

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party (mediator) facilitates the discussion and identification of issues between the disputants, the development of alternate solutions, and the negotiation of a mutually satisfying outcome to the dispute.
 "Training Peer Mediators in the College and University Setting: A Trainer's Guide" by Rick Olshak

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