Measurement & Statistical Consulting

Kinesmetrics Measurement and Statistical Consulting Reports                                                          

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The Kinesmetrics Laboratory offers measurement and statistical consulting.The purpose is to provide a consulting service to students and faculty of the department as well as instruct Kinesmetrics doctoral students in the process of consulting.

Services offered - The Kinesmetrics Laboratory offers two types of services:

Research-based consulting - We offer consulting services on health and human performance research projects, consisting of:

  • research design options

  • formulation of hypotheses

  • measurement options and issues

  • data collection, organization, and cleaning

  • statistical analysis and computing

  • interpretation of findings

  • report writing/grant proposals

Non-project-based consulting - We also offer consulting services in the form of educational tutoring. In this context, no research project is required. A student or faculty member who wishes to gain more knowledge or experience in any of the above concepts is welcome for this service.

Eligibility - All students, GTAs, faculty, and staff of the Health and Human Performance department are eligible to use the consulting services. Graduate students working on theses or dissertations are encouraged to use the services but should obtain approval from their advisor first.

Hours of operation and location - Hours of operation change by semester. The laboratory is located in Murphy Center room 126.

Consultation procedure - Our normal procedure will be to sit down with our client for an informal preliminary interview. If the research problems at hand are simple, a consultation may conclude at the end of the single session. However, more likely than not, one or more follow-up sessions may be required. The follow-up sessions will allow for the Kinesmetrics doctoral students to collaborate with each other, under the supervision of Dr Kang.

Limitations -The Kinesmetrics Laboratory can help with the use of statistical software (such as SAS, SPSS, Excel, etc.), however, the lab will not be able to do the entire analyses for the client.

Consultation sign-up -Appointments may be scheduled in 30 minute periods.To sign-up, click " Consultation Sign Up" on the left panel.

For further information, contact Jim Farnsworth (