College of Liberal Arts Conferences

Applied Philosophy Lyceum

Since 1992 the Philosophy Department has been sponsoring an annual lecture series devoted to issues in applied philosophy. Conceived both etymologically and semantically after Aristotle's Lyceum, the Applied Philosophy Lyceum aims to stimulate public reasoning, as well as private reflection, on matters of human praxis. Topics of discussion have ranged from environmental ethics to theories of love and friendship.

The Conference on John Milton

Every other Fall since 1991, the English Department and MTSU host a conference devoted to the work of the great English poet John Milton (1608-74). The conference, the brainchild of Dr. Charles Durham (ENGLISH), was originally called the Southeastern Conference on John Milton but is now simply The Conference on John Milton. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Durham and Dr. Kristin Pruitt McColgan of Christian Brothers University in Memphis, the Milton Conference has resulted in three books containing the best papers from each conference and all published by Susquehanna University Press: Spokesperson Milton: Voices in Contemporary Criticism, Arenas of Conflict: Milton and the Unfettered Mind , and "All in All": Unity, Diversity, and the Miltonic Perspective.

Modern Critical Approaches to Children's Literature

Since April, 1995, the English Department has hosted the biennial Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Children's Literature in Nashville. The conference, directed by Ellen Donovan and Martha Hixon, is unlike other children's literature conferences in its focus on critical and theoretical perspectives on children's literature rather than on the pedagogical concerns of teaching literature or reading skills to children.

MTSU Holocaust Studies Conference

An interdisciplinary conference organized by the Holocaust Studies Committee held biennially in odd numbered years.

Tennessee Undergraduate Social Science Symposium

This symposium is sponsored annually to promote professional development of undergraduate students in the social sciences. MTSU students from various departments as well as students from other southeastern states participate in paper presentations.

Tennessee Williams Scholars' Conference

Robert Bray - ENGLISH

This conference is held annually in conjunction with The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival with a variety of presentations examining the works of Tennessee Williams.

Women's and Gender Studies Interdisciplinary Conference 

Global Discourses in Women's and Gender Studies: An Interdisciplinary Conference

This conference is hosted by the Women's and Gender Studies Program biennially in odd numbered years. Conference presentations provide feminist perspectives of the influence of global forces on women's and/or gendered experience and examine connections between local/national and global issues related to gendered existence. We welcome scholars, activists, non-profit professionals, and graduate students in all scholarly fields and disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, sciences, education, arts, design, business, law, and sports.

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OHA Logo

The executive offices of the Oral History Association have opened at MTSU and will be here for the next five years.

The office will be co-directed by Albert Gore Research Center Director Louis Kyriakoudes and History Professor Kristine McCusker.

The offices are located in
217 Peck Hall