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Name Role Office Phone Fax Email
Dr. Karen Petersen Interim Dean Todd 231 898-2534 904-8279
H. Stephen Smith Interim Associate Dean Todd 231  898-5580 904-8279
Dr. Dawn McCormack Associate Dean Todd 231  494-8603 904-8279
Connie Huddleston Events Coordinator Todd 221  494-7628 904-8279
Anjali Sarvaria Executive Secretary Todd 231  898-2534 904-8279

Karla Barnes  Coordinator - Faculty Recruitment Todd 231 898-5986 904-8279
Marion Gwyn Local Service Provider Todd 223 898-5141 898-5141
Meredith Kerr Development Director Todd 221 898-5223 904-8279 
Peggy Slater  Graduation Coordinator  JH 163 898-2787  898-8279 

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Fall 2017


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The executive offices of the
Oral History Association have opened at MTSU and will be here for the next five years.

The office will be co-directed by Albert Gore Research Center Director 
Louis Kyriakoudes and History Professor Kristine McCusker

The offices are located in
217 Peck Hall
Telephone: 615-898-2544.