Anticipated Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Literacy Studies Ph.D. Program will possess the knowledge, insights, and professional skills necessary to stimulate and support the paradigm shift to research-based practices in the development of literacy.

Specialists in Literacy Instruction and Staff Development

As pre-service or in-service teacher trainers or consultants to schools, our graduates will help ensure a highly-qualified workforce of literacy teachers.

Specialists in Reading Disabilities/Dyslexia

As college or university faculty, materials or test developers, consultants to schools/school systems and state departments of education, our graduates will help to ensure effective instruction for learners with special needs.

Specialists in Literacy Measurement & Analysis

As university faculty or consultants to federal, state, and local education agencies, or publishing companies, our graduates will be able to oversee testing and analyze and interpret data to inform programmatic decisions.

Specialists in Administration/Policy

As leaders in literacy reform at school or within school system and state levels, our graduates will be able to provide guidance in the application of research findings to school-wide models for change in literacy instruction.