Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long are my GRE scores valid for application to the Literacy Studies Ph.D. Program? 
A: Scores remain valid if the GRE was taken within 5 years prior to application to the program.

Q: Where and when can I take the GRE? What version of the test should I take? 
A: You may register for the GRE through the Education Testing Service (ETS) website. Its section on the GRE covers all of the testing specifics. The program requires the general test which is available in computer format and paper-based. Further information about test dates and locations is available on the ETS site.

Q: May I take program courses as a non-degree seeking student? 
A: Once admitted to The College of Graduate Studies, you are eligible to enroll in one semester of coursework (program permitting). All required admission materials for the program of your choice must be received in the College of Graduate Studies during your first semester in order for you to be admitted to your chosen program. All applicable admission deadlines apply. You may check the status of your application by accessing your online account at and clicking the PipelineMT link.

The one semester limit applies to the summer term as well.

Please discuss non-degree course options with Dr. Jwa Kim, Advising in this area depends on student background and experience.


Q: May I substitute coursework from a previous Education degree? 

Q: Does the Program offer on-line courses? 
A: The Program is not offered on-line at this time; however it may be considered in the future.

Graduate Assistantships

Q: What does a graduate assistantship with the Literacy Studies Program entail? 
A: Two types of assistantships are available: 20-hour and 10-hour GAships. The 20-hour GAship provides full tuition plus $14,000 per year as stipend and requires 20 hours of work for faculty's teaching and research. The 10-hour GAship pays one-half of the tuition plus $7,000 per year as stipend and requires 10 hours of work for faculty's teaching and research.

For more information about graduate assistantships at MTSU, please visit the following sites:

Other Questions

Q: If I take a leave of absence from my current job so that I may enroll as a full-time student, is there any student health insurance available through The University? 
A: For information regarding student medical insurance, please visit Student Health Services.