Graduate Assistantships

The Literacy Studies Ph.D. Program is prepared to supply a limited number of graduate assistantships to qualified applicants.  Two types are available:  20-hour and 10-hour.  The 20-hour assistantship provides full tuition plus a stipend of $14,000 per year and requires 20 hours of work commitment per week.  The 10-hour assistantship pays half tuition plus a stipend of $7,000 per year and requires 10 work hours per week.

Application Process for Graduate Assistantships in Literacy Studies.

Applicants wishing to be considered for a graduate assistantship, in addition to supplying the materials for general application (including a general application form), must fill out an application for an assistantship. The graduate assistantship application form may be found at the back of the Graduate Catalog as well as at the College of Graduate Studies website:

Merit Based Awards

Applications will be awarded by merit. The merit of applications will be judged based on students' grades, GRE scores, letters of reference, availability of students during daytime on campus and skills that students have developed in prior graduate study and professional experience.

Availability of Graduate Assistants During Daytime (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) on Campus

All graduate assistants should be available during daytime for faculty research and teaching. A 20-hour graduate assistant should be available during daytime for at least 10 hours per week, and a 10-hour graduate assistant should be available during daytime at least 5 hours per week. Exceptions can be made by the Program Committee.

Term of Assistantships

Full-time students entering the literacy studies doctorate may apply for up to four years of support through an assistantship. The four year limit is an appropriate amount of time for full-time students to complete a 60 hour degree program. Students who have been taking courses on a part-time basis may apply for support that is proportional to the number of credits remaining to be completed. For instance, a student who has completed 21 of 60 credits may apply for no more than two years of full-time support.

Termination of Assistantships

Students who are awarded an assistantship will typically receive all four years of support, unless their academic performance or performance of duties within the assistantship warrants termination. The MTSU College of Graduate Studies specifies that retaining support is dependent on maintaining a 3.25 cumulative GPA in graduate courses.

To be a candidate for the graduate research assistant position, please submit your application materials to the following address:

Literacy Studies Ph.D. Program - Director
MTSU Box 402
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Application Materials due by:

February 1 

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