Housing assignments come to MTSU email accounts, so check often.

  • Meningococcal vaccination required for room assignment.

    Click here for more information. Fax documentation to 615-898-5459 or email housing@mtsu.edu.

Contact Housing & Residential Life

Housing and Residential Life welcomes your questions and comments.

You can reach us by phone at:

Main Housing Office 615-898-2971
Corlew Desk 615-898-4542
Cummings Desk 615-898-4201
Lyon Desk 615-898-4160
Monohan Desk 615-898-4159
Rutledge Desk 615-898-4322
Scarlett Desk 615-904-8068
Smith Desk 615-898-5044
Womack Desk 615-898-2858


Housing Staff

The staff of Housing & Residential Life welcomes your comments and questions. Following is a list of administrators and area coordinators along with their email addresses.

Name Title Email Address
Andrew Bickers Director of Housing and Residential Life housing@mtsu.edu
Amy Korstange Associate Director, Residential Education amy.korstange@mtsu.edu
Vicki Justice-Lowe Associate Director, Operation vicki.justice-lowe@mtsu.edu
Richard Smith Associate Director, Facilities richard.smith@mtsu.edu
Heidi Convery Assistant Director heidi.convery@mtsu.edu
Joyce Vaughn Coordinator of Conference Housing jm.vaughn@mtsu.edu
Steven Clippard Coordinator of Microcomputing steven.clippard@mtsu.edu
Rosalee May Coordinator of Custodial Services and Maintenance rosalee.may@mtsu.edu
Daniel Wynne Assistant Coordinator of Custodial Services daniel.wynne@mtsu.edu
Sarah.Westfall Area Coordinator for Monohan, Schardt, Reynolds sarah.westfall@mtsu.edu
Brandon Brown Resident Director for Monohan, Schardt, Reynolds brb4g@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Durell Hurst Area Coordinator for Cummings durell.hurst@mtsu.edu
Jackson Davison Resident Director for Cummings jpd3c@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Scott Hendricks Area Coordinator for Womack scott.hendricks@mtsu.edu
Erica Hoffman Resident Director for Womack edh3a@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Ja'Net Davis Area Coordinator for Scarlett janet.cyars@mtsu.edu
Casey McCullum Resident Director for Scarlett clm7c@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Amber Gray Area Coordinator for Smith, Judd, Gracy, Beasley, Sims amber.gray@mtsu.edu
Tanay Chokshi Resident Director for Smith, Judd, Gracy, Beasley, Sims tsc2s@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Jason Harville Area Coordinator for Corlew jason.harville@mtsu.edu
Stephen Smith Resident Director for Corlew sjs5v@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Catie Straube Area Coordinator for Lyon, Mary, McHenry, Rutledge catie.straube@mtsu.edu
Phanat Nen Resident Director for Lyon, Mary, McHenry pn2h@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Brian Williams Resident Director Rutledge bdw2c@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Adrian Tharpe Area Coordinator for Deere, Nicks adrian.tharpe@mtsu.edu
Chris Collins Resident Director for Deere, Nicks cgc3b@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Angelo Todaro Resident Director for Microcomputing aet4a@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Joseph Hill House Director for Global Learning Community jmh9p@mtmail.mtsu.edu
Ashleigh Piper House Director for House 2, 4, 6 abp3j@mtmail.mtsu.edu


Or you can contact this department via email by completing the following form.