2008 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

The winners in the high school individual competition were: Jomya Lei, Ravenwood High School, first place; Amanda Cain of Siegel High School and YooJin Sohn of Ravenwood High School, second place (tie); and Adrienne Sands of Ravenwood High School, third place.

In the high school team competition, the winners were: Riverdale High School (Heidi Klumpe, Lauren Rigsby, Anna Smith and Jade Watts), first place; Siegel High School (Rob Fults, Dana Lea, Jill Michaelson and Jared Peck), second place; and Siegel High School (Phillip Black, Matthew Clayton, Sara Nasab and Kim Miller), third place.

In the middle school team competition, the winners were: Blackman Middle School (Brooklynne Bell, Meggan Marvin, Shelby Scott and Lina Whitaker), first place; Greenway School (Timothy Blackwell and Jonah Diegel), second place; and Blackman Middle School (Taylor Fitzpatrick, Greer Kimbell and Micah Haskins) and Greenway School (Sarah Margaret Huthinson and Blaire Toedte), third place (tie).