2012 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

High School Team Results (ranked)

Ravenwood High (Sean Yao, Zach Glick, Austin Hetherington, Simon Lowen) - 1st Place
Franklin High T3 (McKenzie Bottoms, Sydney Fobare, Ella Dermon) - 2nd Place
Ravenwood High (Jeri Timmons, Christopher Nicastro, Stanley Xiang, A.J. Wei) - 3rd Place
Siegel High (Brooke Barnes, Maria Garcia, David Qu, Heather Delbrdige)
Franklin High T1 (Jessica Smith, Craig Jones, Emily MacLeod, Mandy Tennille)
Central Magnet School (Raleigh Butler, Rory Butler, Nausheen Qureshi, Hayley Klumpe)
Siegel High (Keaton Davis, Joe Cahoon, Ian Delbridge, Katie Gregory)
Siegel High (Hannah Fry, Jade Brewer, Ciera Cope, Nikita Engineer)
Franklin High T2 (Lauren Souter, Hannah White, Laura Bentley, John Yim)
Brentwood High (Nisha Bhuva, Kimberly Eddleman, Evie Giaconia)
Siegel High (Tyler Juergens, Yusra Mohammed, Wesley Wilson, Mary Cate Ownby)
LaVergne High (Kimberlee Cooper, Brennan Foy, Richard Maradiaga)
Siegel High (Tucker Plunkett, Brooke Shannon, Lee Huang, Ndidi Enyinnia)
Merroll Hyde Magnet (Ian Pestrak, Alayna Kirkendall, Savannah Hall, Stephen McDaniel)
LaVergne High (Tori Vann, Nikki Lonza)
LaVergne High (Yata Khamis, Tina Phomthisene, Karolin Ayoub, Joy Blair)

Middle School Team Results (ranked)

Sunset Middle (Jolene Lei, Amy Ouyang, Sonal Khedkar)  - 1st Place
Greenway (Abbey Huber, Rachel Anderson, Will Kersey, Jake Green) - 2nd Place
Heritage Middle (Julie Chapman, Gillian Lozak, Samantha Elleman) - 3rd Place
Blackman Middle (Savannah Phillips, Rachel Stroud, Hailey Lopez, Gayle Manacsa)

Individual Competition Results

High School
Brennan Langebach/Centennial - 1st Place
Lakin Elliott/Blackman - 2nd Place
Jacob Berexa/Ravenwood - 3rd Place
Kristin Warf/Blackman
Jordan Widjaja/Ravenwood
Benjamin Harrell/LaVergne
Adrian Mastin/LaVergne
Quantika Benjamin/LaVergne

Middle School
Micah Mickbel (West Valley Middle) - 1st Place
Daniel Adunas (West End IB Middle School) - 2nd Place
Swasti Mishra (Head Math & Science Middle Academy) - 3rd Place

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