2014 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

High School Competition

Four-Member Team Results
Ravenwood High School (Zach Glick, Sean Yao, Jordan Widjaja, Simon Lowen) — Gold Medal
Franklin High School (Anna Wyer, Tianrui Dong, Hana Aleryani, Rachel Schultz) — Silver Medal
Central High School (Rory Butler, Jasmine Floyd, Will Moss) — Bronze Medal
Ravenwood High School (Christopher Nicastro, Stanley Xiang, Aditya Sathe, A.J. Wei) — Bronze Medal
Central High School (Rebecca Lopez, Andrew Heim, Sarah Anderson, Katie Green) — Honorable Mention
McMinn High School (Adam Bryant, Michael Guffey, Peyton Ingram, Chase Strike) — Honorable Mention
Central High School (Meredith Tarkington, Julien Sheets, Brooke Haskins, Abby Rossi)
Franklin High School (Madelyn Vincent, Meagan Vincent, Tori Hongo, Rachel Hongo)
Ravenwood High School (Jolene Lei, Eman Durrani, Amy Ouyang, Sonal Khedkar)
Siegel High School (Max Farley, Claire Cahoon, Sarah Wellborn, Meghan Kiker)
Siegel High School (Ellen Robertson, Luke Kautzky, Nathan Carothers, Stephany Morin)
Siegel High School (August Saucier, Madeline d’Oliveira, Melissa Kiker, Tasmin Ford)
McMinn High School (Beth Presley, Noah Strike, Logan Wade, Hannah Teague)
LaVergne High School (Hiydees Feliciano, Sydney Leibfritz, Bobby Thao, Negest Alemu)
Siegel High School (Cameron Stone, Rebecca Mullendore, Dustin Hudgens, Tiffany Curtis)
Shelbyville Central High School (Erica Trujillo, Jessie Sanders, Ashley Groves)
Siegel High School (Rachel Carothers, Kara Delbridge, Spenser Johnson, Clifton Matuszewski)
McMinn High School (Elizabeth Merriman, Morgan Shamblin, Brodie Miller, Jack Perdue)
McMinn High School (Hailey Parente, Trianna Reed, Baylor Ingram)
Independence High School (Julie Chapman, Kendall Day, Sam Elleman, Miguel Castaneda)
LaVergne High School (Vanessa Rivera, Brian Montenegro, Karolin Ayoub, Bien Espera)
LaVergne High School (Brooke Massey, Julia Durant, Kayla Jackson)

Two-Member Team Results
Central High School (McKynzie Perry, Kalashya Colwell) — Gold Medal
Franklin High School (Pritali Amrutkar, Jessica Simms) — Silver Medal
LaVergne High School (Austin Hargrove, Dominic Emory) — Bronze Medal
Shelbyville Central High School (Morelia Hernandez Rosales, Jackie Sandoval Rosales) — Honorable Mention

Individual Competition Results
Justin Ma (Franklin High School) — Gold Medal
John-Michael Fett (Siegel High School) — Silver Medal
Rohan Tummala (Ravenwood High School) – Bronze Medal
Jacob Berexa (Ravenwood High School)  Honorable Mention
JuHun Kim (Central Magnet High School)
Joey Biagini (Franklin High School)
Emily Palacios (Home Life Academy)

Middle School Team Results

Four-Member Team Results
Rogers Creek Elementary (Gretchen Morris, Blake Dockery, Macy Dobbs) — Gold Medal
Athens City Middle School (Jackson Goins, Kirk Lockmiller, Jared Rucker, Kaitlynn Winder) — Silver Medal
Athens City Middle School (Bethany Carideo, Jacob Dockery, Maggie Montgomery, Collin Robinson) — Bronze Medal
Rogers Creek Elementary (Riley Bates, Jacob Elkins, Caroline Dodson, Jason Browne) — Honorable Mention
Smyrna Middle School (Brianna Benayce, Francheska Torres, Amyah Williams, Alycin Warden)
Englewood Middle School (Ryan Gambill, Savannah Stansell, Sarah Stansell)
Athens City Middle School (Lydia Davis, Ruben Lavariega, Taylor Odum, Lauryn Roby)

Two-Member Team Results
Smyrna Middle School (Bryan Hernandez, Dashawn Morris) — Gold Medal
Rogers Creek Elementary School (Hayden Jackson, Mackenzie Peterson) — Silver Medal

Individual Competition Results
Nathan Roberts (Comenius Homeschool) – Gold Medal
Zoe Hill (Athens City Middle School) – Silver Medal
Swasti Mishra (MLK Academy) – Bronze Medal
Sara Hedrick(Homeschool) — Honorable Mention
Joseph Palacios (Home Life Academy)

LO 2014

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When: Saturday, April 2, 2016

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