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Executive Board


The Executive Board plans the activities, coordinates the resources, and cultivates the partnerships instrumental in fulfilling the mission of the Center.Their leadership also directs the activities of the Advisory Board, the Faculty and SoTL Fellows, and the Mentoring Program, all faculty groups formed to ensure that opportunities for professional growth and support are available for all MTSU faculty.
Co-Director Barbara Draude serves as Assistant Vice President for Academic Technologies in the Information Technology Division. She is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing as well.

Contact: 615-904-8383 bdraude@mtsu.edu

Barbara Draude

Co-Director Faye Johnson holds the title of Assistant to the Provost for Special Initiatives in the Academic Affairs Division. She is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

Contact: 615-898-5941 fjohnson@mtsu.edu

Faye Johnson

Sheila Otto is the Director of General Education. She is also an associate professor in the English Department.

Contact: 615-898-5586 sheila.otto@mtsu.edu

sheila otto

Sheila Otto

Kristen West is an assistant professor in the James E. Walker Library. She serves in the library as Instruction Librarian.

Contact: 615-904-8528 kwest@mtsu.edu

kristen west

Kristen West

David Gotcher is the Assistant Dean of University Studies. He serves as program director for The Master of Professional Studies, a Regents Online Degree Program (MPS-RODP).

Contact: (615) 904-8042 david.gotcher@mtsu.edu

David Gotcher

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