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Civic Learning and Civic Engagement FLC

A Faculty Learning Community on Civic Engagement was the very first FLC ever developed and convened at MTSU, back in 2009. Composed of faculty from every college in the university, the FLC began with a summer workshop in 2009 and did its initial work over the course of academic year 2009-2010. The civic engagement FLC’s mission and vision were powerful, the course change results it generated were interdisciplinary and substantive, the professional papers that resulted from it were numerous and were presented at multiple meetings across a wide range of academic fields, and its commitment to shared work was so strong that the group chose to stay together and operate as an FLC for the following three years, collectively working on major course-work and university-wide issues with bearing on teaching, student learning, and campus culture.


The prior work of the MTSU Faculty Learning Community on Civic Engagement has brought attention to MTSU from across the state. At present, community college partners within the TBR system are discussing using the MTSU model of a civic learning and civic engagement faculty learning community within their own
colleges. We want to promote that, and support their efforts, because such engagement continues in a very tangible way MTSU’s linkages to our state’s community colleges, bridges divides between our institutions, provides collegial opportunities for our faculty to support one another, and further prepares Tennessee community college students for their advanced work at MTSU. A new, vigorous, idea-generating, classroom-revitalizing, civic learning and civic engagement FLC at MTSU this coming academic year will be a catalyst for statewide synergy.


We intend to host a preliminary one-day retreat before school starts in August 2014.

During Fall 2014, FLC meetings will be once a month, with preliminary classroom pedagogical changes to be implemented on a trial basis during Spring semester 2015.

In Spring 2015, the FLC will meet twice monthly, with full action plans in development for course redesign implementation Fall 2015.

We propose to present a workshop for all interested faculty at Scholars Week 2015 and fund paper presentation opportunities for individual FLC members starting Spring/Summer 2015


Dr. Laura Clark, Dept. of Educational Leadership, College of Education, and head of the campus committee on non-violence, and Dr. Mary Evins, Center for Historic Preservation, College of Liberal Arts, and head of the campus American Democracy Project, will facilitate this FLC.

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