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There are a number of different kinds of students who might interfere with your classroom management abilities. These include attention seekers, inattentive students, students who come to class unprepared, students with excuses, angry students, discouraged students, students who react emotionally to sensitive topics, or even students who are dealing with psychological problems. There are several things to remember when encountering this or any other type of student that may disrupt your classroom. (1) confront students who disobey your rules and use this as an opportunity to model appropriate behaviors; (2) listen to your students and teach them to listen to each other; (3) don't lose your temper; (4) talk to colleagues and ask them what they would do in your situation; and (5) remember that the students who have problems need your help, not your criticism (McKeachie, W.J., & Svinicki, M., McKeachie's Teaching Tips).

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Amada, G. (1999). Coping with misconduct in the college classroom: A practical model. Asheville, NC: College Administration Publications, INC.

Rubenstein, G. (1999). Reluctant disciplinarian: Advice on classroom management from a softy who became (eventually) a successful teacher. Fort Collins, CO: Cottonwood Press, INC.

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