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mentoring peer review teaching effectiveness

Classroom observation may be the most common form of peer feedback. However, how useful the peer observation is is partly based on what you, as the teacher, want to know. If there is a particular aspect of your instruction style that you are questioning, be sure to tell the observer exactly what it is that you are concerned about. Often times it is helpful to meet with the observer before the scheduled observation to go over goals and plans for the class. The discussion after the observation is also very helpful. Be ask questions about things you don't understand and always ask for examples. Ideas from colleagues can be some of the most helpful kind of ideas (McKeachie, W.J., & Svinicki, M. McKeachie's Teaching Tips).

Classroom observation at 4-year colleges and universities often occurs within a peer review program. Peer review, a teaching assessment technique in which faculty members observe and evaluate classroom instruction, is usually delegated to the master teachers on campus. The evaluation may go directly to the instructors to help them improve their teaching, or it may go into a teaching portfolio, a promotion/tenure dossier, or an award nomination package. (Brent/Felder--Takes One to Know One).

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MTSU Resources See Tim Graeff, who manages mentoring and peer review programs on campus.

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From our library--

Chism, Nancy Van Note. (2007) Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook, 2nd edition. Anker Publishing Company.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Peer Evaluator, Ronald Berk, Johns Hopkins.

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